Life Machine

Brand: Life Digital Professional V2


  • 3 language display option, English, Spanish, Japanese. Programable
  • Our machines are completely programmable. They come with a frequency book with over 3500 different disease conditions and their frequencies.
  • The New Professionals are in 3 Languages actually on the screen: English, Spanish, Japanese. The new machines also come with a USB drive that will have many different translations for the Instruction Manual.
  • The New Pro series are switchable, 17v, 14.5v, 12.5v, so any sensitivity issues can be resolved by switching down the Voltage.

Publisher: Rife Digital

Details: The Life Machine comes with feet and hand straps, and power that will work in any country. With the Life Machine you have the ability to adjust the voltage. So any sensitivity issues can be resolved by lowering the voltage from 17v to 14.5v or the lowest setting is 12.5v. How The Machine Works The machine works on resonance so if what you are using this for is not present in you then nothing will happen. Below is an explanation of how this works: Dr. Rife, who first discovered that when viruses, bacteria and parasites are bombarded with electrical pulses of the right frequency, they shake apart. This is an inherent characteristic shared by all objects and living beings called "Resonant Frequency," which is the frequency at which an object naturally vibrates. Resonant frequencies are what makes a string on a stringed instrument produce a certain note. But resonant frequencies, in addition to producing music can also cause objects to shake so uncontrollably that their stability is undermined. This is what happened to the Tacoma Narrows Bridge in 1940. The wind reached resonance with the bridge and it shook apart. The same is true with pathogens. When the frequency being introduced into the body by way of feet and/or hand straps reaches resonance with whatever pathogen it resonates with, it undermines it's stability and kills it. Like a Soprano singing a high note and breaking a wine glass. -------- Frequency Characteristics Frequency range: 1 ~ 1 million Hz Frequency accuracy: ±20ppm Frequency stability: ±1ppm/ 3hours Minimum pulse width:20ns Package List 1 * Life Machine Signal Generator 1 * Power Adapter and Cable 1 * Carry Bag 6 * Velcro anti-static straps 1 * Set Flexible anti-static straps 2 * Cables 1 * User Manuals 1 * USB Drive with How to use Videos, and Books on PDF in 10 languages Manufacturer: ETDFL Berlin

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EAN: 785971700769

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